Walking the line – Art of border zones in times of crisis

The summer school will engage with the production, circulation and the disruption of art and visual practices as they navigate the (thin) line between creative and destructive impulses in times when wars, struggles for national independence and conflicting ideologies result in border contestations and territorial partitions. These crises produce both immediate and enduring physical, economic and political consequences for persons living within affected regions, including flight from one’s homeland, traumatic histories left unprocessed between generations, and the elaboration of repressive political systems and surveillance. Art might be used as a propaganda weapon that affirms and enforces demarcations or it could be a creative path to transgress contested borders, a space to envision alternatives. The notion of the border will be explored both as a divisive force and as a zone of crossing by discussing larger questions about the complex and often seemingly contradictory relation between trauma and visual/aesthetic practices on the one hand, and complex issues of space and politics that (in-) form these practices on the other.

Participants: Sian Aggett, Julie Alary Lavallee, Heba Y. Amin, Nurul Azlan, Marie Back, Dilpreet Bhullar, Bui Kim Dinh, Danijel Benjamni Cubelic, Caitlin Dalton, Martijn de Rooij, Natalie Diffloth, Saima Haq, Chiara Iorino, Elene V. Kiznik, Anna Messner, Oh Jooyoung, Ninette Rothmueller, Christina Sanchez-Kozyreva, Eve Schiefer, Barbara Seyerl, Pathmini Ukwattage, Katharina Upmeyer, Yang Jing.

Heidelberg University, Germany July 2015