2016 – present BARD COLLEGE BERLIN, Berlin, Germany >>
Visiting Faculty, Art

FA305: Imagined Geographies – Redefining Nationhood through Artistic Practice (Spring 2018)
AR312: Contemporary Narratives in New Media: Systems, Mechanisms, and the Instruments of Power (Spring 2017)
TH201: Social Choreography and the Politics of the Public Sphere (Fall 2016)

2015-2016 AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO, Cairo, Egypt >>
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Art

ARTV 3211: Art Studio I: Introduction to Research-Based Art (Fall 2015)
ARTV 3212: Art Studio II: Research Methods and Concepts in Creative Practice (Fall 2015, Spring 2016)
ARTV 4212: Art Studio IV: Archives and Collections for Creative and Curatorial Practice (Fall 2015)
ARTV 2204: Introduction to Time-Based Media (Fall 2015, Spring 2016)

2010-2015 UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES (HTW), Berlin, Germany >>
Lecturer, Department of International Media Computing

B24.14 Praxisphase 2: Student Projects:
Conflict and Social Justice in the Electronic Supply Chain (Winter Semester 2014)
HTW #OSJUBA: The Open Source South Sudan Initiative (Winter Semester 2013)
AWE: Hacker Art (Summer Semester 2012, Summer Semester 2013, Winter Semester 2013, Winter Semester 2014)
B27: Visualizing Narratives  (Summer Semester 2010, Winter Semester 2011, Summer Semester 2013)
B27: Narratives in Social Media (Summer Semester 2012)

2009-2010 AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO, Cairo, Egypt >>
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Art

ARTV 270: Graphic Design I (Spring Semester 2009, Fall Semester 2009, Spring Semester 2010)
ARTV 200: Foundations of Design & Color (Fall Semester 2009, Spring Semester 2010)
ARTV 370: Introduction to Web Design (Spring Semester 2009, Fall Semester 2009)

2005-2008 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, College of Design, St. Paul, MN, USA >>
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Graphic Design

DHA 2311: Drawing and Illustration: Fall 2008; Spring 2008; Fall 2007
DHA 1311: Foundations: Drawing and Design in Two and Three Dimensions
(Fall Semester 2005, Spring Semester 2006, Fall Semester 2006, Spring Semester 2007)
DHA 4365W: Senior Seminar in Graphic Design (Teacher’s Assistant) (Fall Semester 2007)