Artist Talk, “When Rain Falls on the Mountain of Punt” Black Athena Collective, 1-54 African Art Fair, Marrakech, Feb. 24 (forthcoming)
Panelist, “The Specter of Artificial Intelligence” spheres: Journal for Digital Cultures, Transmediale, Berlin, Feb. 4

Panelist, “Visualizing the Imaginary: Artistic Interventions for Geographical Sovereignty” Art and Activism conference, Leiden University, Dec. 13
Artist Talk, “Cultural Subversion as Artistic Practice”, Cosmopolis, Centre Pompidou, Nov. 11
Panelist, “Can Creativity Change the World?”, Fondazione lettera27, Moleskin Foundation, Milan Oct. 24
Performance Lecture, “The General’s Stork”, 15th Istanbul Biennial, Sept. 15
Panelist, “Producing Image Activism after the Arab Uprisings”, Stockholm University, Sept. 8
Panelist, “Techno-Utopian Fantasies and Digital Nation States: Transfiguring Realities of the Middle East” Imaging a Middle East, ICI Berlin, July 6
Artist Talk, “Subverting the Media as Artistic Practice” Fill in the Blank III, Weissensee Art Academy, Berlin, June 12
Panelist, “Unruly Art? Performances in the Public Square”, Heba Amin and Center for Political Beauty, Freie Universität, Berlin May 22
Artist Talk, Heba Amin with Anahita Razmi, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Feb 9
Panelist, “Mediterranean Tomorrows” moderated by Daphne Dragona, Transmediale, Berlin, Feb 5
Panelist, “Afropolitan Festival” BOZAR, Brussels, Feb 4

Panelist, “The Politics of Form: What Does Art Know About Society” Zentrum fuer Literatur und Kulturwissenschaft Berlin, Nov 18
Artist Talk, “The General’s Stork”, Asia Contemporary Art Week, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NYC Nov, 11-12
Lecture, “Homeland is not a Series” Impakt Festival Utrecht, Oct 19
Artist Talk, “Subverting the Media as Artistic Practice” Utrecht School of the Arts, Oct 19
Panelist, “State of Urban Art, Oxymoron III” Paris Ouest Nanterre La Defense University, Oct 14
Artist Talk, “Subverting the Media as Artistic Practice” School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Sept 16
Artist Talk, “The General’s Stork” Gallery Zilberman Berlin, July 15
Panelist, “Middle of Where, East of What?” ICI Berlin, July 14
Artist Talk, “Subverting the Media as Artist Practice” Staedelschule Frankfurt, June 21
Artist Talk, Premiere screening of “As Birds Flying” Berlinale, Germany Feb 14, Feb 15
Artist Talk, “Heba Amn in conversation with Nadine Drost” Kunstverein in Hamburg “Fluidity”, Germany Feb 9
Panelist, “Power” | Woche der Kritik 2016, Berlin Germany Feb 12
Panelist, “Five Years After” moderated by Oliver Lerone Schultz, Transmediale, Berlin, Germany Feb 6
Panelist, “MediaActs” moderated by Clemens Apprich, Transmediale, Berlin, Germany Feb 7
Panelist, “Culturehacking: A Panel with Simon Denny, Heba Amin, Ryan Gallagher and Brett Scott, in conversation with Charlotte Higgins” Serpentine Galleries, Jan 28
Lecture, “Techno-Social Dreams: Digital Remembrance in the Egyptian Revolution” After Tahrir Symposium, UC Santa Barbara, Jan 25

Lecture, “The Phantom-State: Mediating “Zones of Transmigration” through Images”, The Black Athena Collective, Medina Gallery, Bamako, Mali, Nov 6
Lecture, “Reconfigured Territories: Urban Topologies and New Technologies” Future Perfect, Steirischer Herbst Conference, Graz, Austria, Oct 10
Lecture, “Maps of Myths” Videonale.15: Festival for Contemporary Video Art Bonn, Feb 27
Artist Talk, “Glocal (Hi)stories” Free University, Berlin, Germany, Feb 25
Artist Talk, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig, Germany, Jan 20

Artist Talk “Invisible Borders” Goethe Institute, Accra, Ghana, June 17
Artist Talk, “Invisible Borders” Goethe Institute, Lagos, Nigeria, June 7
Lecture, “Maps of Myths: Memory Space and Digital Remembrance in the Egyptian Revolution” Pecha Kucha Berlin #36, Berlin, Germany, May 13
Lecture, “Maps of Myths: Memory Space and Digital Remembrance in the Egyptian Revolution” re:publica 14 conference Berlin, May 6
Panel, “The Media of the Revolution” Laboratory of the Futures, w/ Edwin Bendyk, Mariya Gonchar, Klio Krajewska, Warsaw, Poland, April 10
Artist Talk, “Project Speak2Tweet” Esc atelier, Rome, Italy, April 17
Panelist, “THINK:FILM NO° 2: What Do We Know When We Know Where Something Is?” Forum Expanded w/ Ala Younis, Maha Maamoun, 64th Berlinale, Berlin, Feb 13

Lecture, “Voices from the Revolution” Media Art Histories Conference 2013: RENEW Riga, Latvia, Oct 11
Keynote Speech, “Project Speak2Tweet” Berlin Social Media Week, Berlin, Germany, Sept 27
Artist Talk, DEFAULT 13 Masterclass, Ramdom, Lecce Italy, Sept 25
Lecture, “Speak2Tweet: An Intimiate Look at the Egyptian Psyche” The Hybrid City Conference II: Subtle rEvolutions Athens, Greece, May 24
Lecture “The Revolution of Jokes” re:publica 13 Conference Berlin, Germany, May 6
Panelist, “Recording Against Regimes” Bayt Al Sinnari, with Mona Abaza, Piotr Krajewski, Jacek Niegoda and Hartmut Jahn, Cairo, Egypt, March 9

Lecture, “Voices from the Revolution: A Speak2Tweet Project “ Critical Information Conference School of Visual Arts, NYC, USA, Dec 2
Lecture, “Voices from the Revolution” re:publica 12 Conference Berlin, Germany, May 6
Panelist, State of the World Week “Censorship” ECLA Bard, with Evgeny Morozov, Berlin, Feb 10

Panelist, “Art in Revolution” University of Minnesota, with Fadia Afashe, Mohammed Bamyeh, Waleed Mahdi, and Imed Labidi, Minneapolis, MN, Nov 10
Invited Attendee, Falling Walls Conference Berlin, Germany, Nov 8
Lecture, “The Egyptian Revolution and its Historical Context” The Public School Berlin, July 13

Lecture, Guerilla Projection Department of Art, American University of Cairo, Egypt, Nov 23
Artist Presentation, “Minneapolis Art on Wheels” Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt, Nov 24
Invited Attendee, WISE Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia July 16-19

Artist Talk, “Heba Amin Lecture” St. Cloud University, St. Cloud, Minnesota

Artist Talk “Moving Lives Speakers Bureau” Intermedia Arts/Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, Minneapolis, MN