Default15: Extreme Lands

Investigation on the Extreme Land, a project promoted by Ramdom, is now at his second edition. After 2014 residencies, performances and exhibitions, the 2015 edition has launched starting with the call for Default 2015, an intensive workshop that will take place in July (13th-19th) 2015, in Gagliano del Capo (LE). An extensive program of collateral events will take place alongside Default15 and Carlos Casas’ residency.

With the support of other experts, the project will focus on the life, culture and social relations of extreme lands, where geographic dislocation also functions as a socio-anthropological characteristic of the people who live there. The notion of “extreme” as a point of departure confronts challenges to survival as addressed by many scholars and artists particularly relating to climate and environmental conditions. Situated at the tip of southeast Italy on the Mediterranean, Gagliano del Capo poses as an ideal geographic location to explore diverse interpretations on human and natural landscapes in the context of the “extreme”.

Curators: Heba Y. Amin (EG), Francesca Girelli (IT)
Workshop Artist: Carlos Casas (SP)
Participants: Mariagrazia Costantino (IT), Andrew Friend (UK), Giorgio Garippa & Oliver Palmer (UK/IT), Brett Swenson (USA), Matthew C. Wilson (USA)
Ramdom Directors: Paolo Mele (IT), Luca Coclite (IT)

Default15 is an international artistic project hosted in the heel of Italy’s Apulia region (Gagliano del Capo, LE), in the centre of the Mediterranean. The project offers the opportunity for selected artists and researchers to be a part of and contribute to an investigation of the “extreme land”. Currently in its third edition, Default presents a new topic and format, which offers a context to discuss, imagine and put forward sustainable ideas and artistic production related to the “extreme lands” (as part of an investigative process launched by Ramdom in 2014 in the frame of the GAP project).