Centre Pompidou: Global Collective “Cosmopolis”

Cosmopolis, a program by curator Cathrine David.
November 11, 2017

Cultural Subversion as Artistic Practice, by Heba Y. Amin
The Centre Pompidou presents the first edition of Cosmopolis, a new platform that highlights research-based artistic practices and a renewed engagement with theories of cosmopolitanism. Through micro-residencies, research, exhibitions, talks, performances, and screenings, Cosmopolis highlights a spectrum of creative approaches that are both rooted in a particular context and engage in international conversations, reflecting on cultural translation and the situatedness of knowledge.

“We could write a global history of thinking and modern art based on the numerous collaborations developed between artists and other cultural players since the late 19th century, in highly varied geo-cultural areas. Closer to our times, numerous projects involving reflection and collective action have explored the inspirations and conditions for shared creativity in political, social and sensitive contemporary contexts. As part of this discursive programme, we want to host singular projects from highly diverse cultures, highlighting interdisciplinarity and the complex arrangement of multiple areas of knowledge (geography, urban planning, anthropology, sociology, philosophy and geopolitics) to propose new sensitive, cognitive configurations.” – Catherine David