Face of Evil

Bush’s state of the union address in 2002 coined the phrase “AXIS OF EVIL” and opened the flood gates to racial profiling. The phrase later resurfaced with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to the US in 2007, prompting clever media headlines such as “EVIL HAS LANDED”.

This project poses the questions: How do we put a face on the word evil? What attributes create an evil person? Who can be evil?

It utilizes a composite of the leaders of the six evil countries, which according to the Bush administration are: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Cuba, and North Korea. Portions of each of the six original images are extracted and randomly output as layers in a new matrix. The end result is a collage, a new face made up of segments from the original six figures.


By pure coincidence, this random matrix output of evil bears close resemblance to George W. Bush himself.

This ironic happenstance begs to question the legitimacy of such profiling tactics. To what extent can fear of terrorism justify generalizations of physical attributes in seeking evil? How is surveillance used to pinpoint evil among regular people? These are issues to be further explored…

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